Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Girls' nite out #1


Alhamdulilah, praise onto Him that consent everything to move on. Alhamdulillah, last Friday, we have accomplished our #1 girls' night out :). Everything went well, as planned. Happy to see faces that i missed so much during uni time, though the 2 kiddo came late that nite. When we are together, it seems that nothing has changed much especially when we sat in that very familiar circle that i would have to admit, binds us together forever insyaAllah. Got one new member, very pretty, i like :)

We have borak2 lots of stuff. Ilmiah stuff which i have been longing to. I could feel that my other side of the brain were knocked softly, being asked to open-up and refresh. Alhamdulillah, we discussed on surah al-fath, clashes in furu' in Malaysia and self mahasabah on maksiat hati and anggota by sab ;) - yang ini mmg insaf betul la, terkena batang hidung masing2; and origin of Israel laknatullah.

i promised myself to do a bit of homework on what we have discussed on tapi belum sempat :( what i can recap here is that Surah Al-fath speaks of the treaty of Hudaibiyah and the first pilgrimage. It was wise of Sarah to kick-off with this Surah during the islam community mourning on what's happening to our brothers in Palestine. This surah is translated as conquest or victory. yes, surah al-fath reminds Muslim, how we will win and the victory will always be ours. The problem is that, only little of us will win and only little of us will enter Jannah (in Waqiah if i'm not mistaken). The challenge of us all is to maintain in the 'little' community, selected by Allah.

As sad as we are right here looking at our brothers suffering in Gaza, they are however facing their tickets to Jannah, syaheed which is the ambition should-be for all Muslims. In a sense, how lucky they are. As for us, what can we do?? Doa, of course, economy war, donation, etc.

Some places, dah start baca qunut nazilah at every solat fardhu. Have to start too..


Maksudnya “ Ya Allah, sesungguhnya kami bermohon pertolongan Mu, kami meminta ampun kepada Mu, kami memohon petunjuk dari Mu, kami beriman kepada Mu, kami berserah kepada Mu dan kami memuji Mu dengan segala kebaikan, kami mensyukuri dan tidak mengkufuri Mu, kami melepaskan diri daripada sesiapa yang durhaka kepada Mu.

Ya Allah, Engkau yang kami sembah dan kepada Engkau kami bersalat dan sujud, dan kepada Engkau jualah kami datang bergegas, kami mengharap rahmat Mu dan kami takut akan azab Mu kerana azab Mu yang sebenar akan menyusul mereka yang kufur

Ya Allah, Muliakanlah Islam dan masyarakat Islam. Hentikanlah segala macam kezaliman dan permusuham, Bantulah saudara-saudara kami di mana sahaja mereka berada. Angkatlah dari mereka kesusahan, bala, peperangan dan permusuhan.

Ya Allah, selamatkanlah kami dari segala keburukan dan janganlah Engkau jadikan kami tempat turunnya bencana, hindarkanlah kami dari segala bala kerana tidak sesiapa yang dapat menghindarkannya melainkan Engkau, ya Allah.”