Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aisyah's Birthday, Thanks to you people :)


Birthday Aisyah went well. Ramai yang turn up. Aisyah dapat hadiah yang comel2. Thanks to Mama Lina & Family, Aunty Ed & Family, Aunty Salwa for the Cow umbrella (she loves it ver much, tidur pun buat bantal peluk), Raihan & Julia (thank you sbb datang jugak though Syalie takde), Uncle Shahrom & Family, Acik Len & Family, Busu & Family and Hajar's parents yang sudi datang jugak walaupun ada hal lain before that.

My highest appreciation to Tok Ma Aisyah, Tok Bah, Tiya, Busu Ha, Ayah Akif and Mama Hajari rumah for hosting this for Aisyah. Everythings are great and neat (walaupun ada sedikit ribut la kan ;)), thanks to Aisyah's nenek, atuk, Aunty Ina and Busu Ana for helping out and the big choc secret recipe cake!

Last but not least, beloved daddy sayang, for the overall support and logistic manager :). Daddy bagi Aisyah hadiah paling besar dan paling advance sekali which is basikal budak umur 6 tahun hehehehe... nasib baik Aisyah tak takut nak naik and turun from the bike sebab kalau naik mmg kaki dia tergantung. Daddy kata takpe, Aisyah cepat tinggi, sikit lagi dia boleh kayuh le tuh, thank you Aisyah's ambitious daddy :D

This morning, got a TED video and very interesting to share especially towards the Earth Hour nnt.. The title is "How to grow your own fresh air" hope this count as a little contribution of mine hehe

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Profile updated and I'm tagged!


  1. Before i proceed with Kak Ayu's kind tagging :p, i would like to update a bit of me here. Alhamdulillah, hubby sayang reached home early this month... for good (yeay!!). To date, he's paying back all the baby-sitting debt with Aisyah at home while actively searching for job. Rabbi yassir laka, sayang.. :)

  2. We are all flying for his convo and holiday end of the month. Hope Allah facilitate our journey...
  3. We are celebrating Aisyah's birthday this weekend since hers on the Tuesday and the next Saturday we will be flying.. still hasnt got her any present, plan to get her something nice during the trip but i should still get her something shouldnt i??

  4. ok now, Kak Ayu's tag...

(one photo from the 6th folder. cant get the 6th pic coz have to some elimination jugak lerr.. :))

This phota taken on 18 Feb 2007. Cuba teka sape budak boyot kat atas ni?? (drumroll..) Presenting you... AISYAH AZIZUL!!! Yes, she is a girl hehehhe

Masa ni Aisyah is 11 months old. Fully breastfed. Badan berketul2 tapi ni dah kurus dah sebab dah sibuk berdiri. She skipped crawling (walaupun sekarang asik nk crawl je especially kalau main jadi baby). Masa ni, mmg Aisyah tak suka berbaju sebab cepat berpeluh. Asik sibuk suruh bukak baju. Masa ni, Aisyah dah ada gigi sebab after thic pic, ada pic yg dia tgh geram gigit tag baju yg dia tengah tengok sambil angkat kening tuh. Masa ni, rambut aisyah tak tumbuh lagi, tumbuh pun pendek2 dan halus2 je. Semua orang ingat Aisyah boy, walaupun Mummy pakai kan baju princess hehehe

Aisyah now has grown so much. In fact, we are celebrating her 3rd year of age tomorrow. Surrounded by adults make her so matured and adult herself. Hubby cant wait to send her to school untuk mengekalkan keremajaannya ;). Let me share with you her recent photo (tu pun tak recent sgt la sebab jarang amik gambar)

OK, Aisyah, if one day you have the chance of reading this, pic above is taken on 23rd December 2008 at 2.34am. At this age (even till yesterday) you are having problem sleeping at night. Its not an abnormal problem because i know why :). During the day, Syasya tido sepanjang hari sebab hanya ada Syasya dengan Tok Ma je kat rumah, so you are prone to sleep during the daylight hehehe bila malam menjelma, its playtime!! Malam-malam baru mummy balik, Tiya balik, Ayah akif dgn Mama Hajar pun ada. You would be very happy and excited though kitorang semua akan saspen sbb tau Syasya segar bugar dan akan tido lambat :) last sekali yang menjadi mangsa ialah Mummy ops... dan Tiya sekali yang teman Aisyah main sampai kul 7 pagi kadang2 hihii

But that what amazed me about being a mother, you just sont know form where you source the energy and strength. Sleep is my weakness all this while!

So, that night, to avoid you watching the TV, we started our big project. Your First 6 Years Book bought by Daddy. I do the layout design and Syasya do the cosmetic design. The book mmg ada banyak sticker, so syasya betul2 enjoy sticking them... not only in the big book, but all the places... katil, almari, kerusi, lantai dan badan sendiri... :)

tapi time ni, Aisyah dah feminine sikit sbb Mummy biar Aisyah rambut panjang and Aisyah pun dah mahu pakai rantai.. i love you, sayang...

OK guys, till then..