Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Fahri: Suamiku

Bismillah and salaam..

My Fahri has successfully passed his viva on the 27th November. Received his call at approx. 1.30am. Bagai halilintar rasanya bila dia ucapkan, 'alhamdulillah, Nad.. abang dah habis. InsyaAllah lepas ni abang boleh jaga Nad dan Aisyah dan Nad tak perlu menunggu lagi'. Hanya Allah saja yang tahu kembang dada bagaikan nak pecah, rasa syukur ku yang amat sangat. Satu lagi nikmat yang sangat manis Allah kurniakan. Rasa yang begitu nikmat seperti yang kurasakan tatkala dahiku dikucup suami buat kali pertama, mendengar tangisan sulung Aisyah dan menatap wajahnya buat kali yang pertama :). Subhanallah, walhamdulillah, laa ilaha illallah....

Just after we ended the call, i looked at the little girl next to me, with her eyes sleeping tight.. kissed her and whispered to her...'Daddy dah pass sayang, he'll be coming back soon insyaAllah, forgive us for having put you in the sacrifice and thank you for being my strength source all this while'.
( Tgk la, Aisyah sekarang dah pandai solat. Tapi tgk mood jugak la. Tunggang tunggeng dgn mulut terkumat-kamit.. hehe geram tgk. Sometimes, dia solat lagi lama dari Mummy...Rabbij'alnii muqimaassolah wa min zuriyyatii..ameen)

Buat Abang sayang,

Congratulations, you have kept your promises with Allah's will. Thank you for making this waiting worthwhile. As we end this journey, there are more waiting for us. Hope this time, we could sail the next journey.. together

I would like to dedicate one beautiful poem (ciplak la tapi) for you. You may anti my AAC Fahri Abdullah Shiddiq, but certainly you are my Fahri...

This is for you...

My Fahri is waiting for me,
Just as I am waiting for him.
My Fahri preserves himself & lowers his gaze
Till he meets me & be amazed.

My Fahri speaks gently
and advises much.
My Fahri restricts his dating-fun
Till he meets me, his beloved one.

My Fahri fears Allah
and never miss prayers.
My Fahri cries over his past sins at night
Till I come by & make him feel light.

My Fahri loves the Prophet
and tries to emulate him.
My Fahri will take my breath away
in real life, just as in my dream.

My Fahri never forgets his siwak
and tries to always have wudhu’.
My Fahri treats the sunnah as wajib
& leaves the subha for fear of making a slip.

My Fahri will be shy
when we finally meet.
And make me blush
& I’ll stare at my feet.

My Fahri will love me for my efforts today
and forget my past as I forget his.
My Fahri & I will build a bond
with parents’ blessings, 2 rings, & our first kiss.

My Fahri will whisper sweet words to me
that has never been heard by another girl before.
My Fahri & I will create memories
of jemaah prayers, qiyamulail, & more.

My Fahri will read the Qur’an to me when I am down
& I will read to him when he asks me to.
My Fahri, my Imam, in this life & the next,
Do you know that I am missing you?

My Fahri will understand my dreams & goals
and will support me in my quest for ma’rifatulLah
My Fahri does not distract & obstruct me
but increases my love for the Prophet & Allah.

My Fahri will always greet me with a smile
even if he’s had a bad day at the office.
And I in turn will adorn myself & wait at the door
smelling nice & looking good & ready with a kiss.

My Fahri will share with me
his deepest secrets,his many dreams & biggest fears.
I will be his wife & best friend,
his comforter, his recharge & wiper of tears.

My Fahri & I will take turns
to wake the other up for tahajjud.
My Fahri will still call me gorgeous
when I’m not looking too good.

My Fahri will never raise his voice at me
but advise & admonish me firmly.
My Fahri will know I cry easily
and will cry with me or wipe my tears for me.

My dear Fahri, I hope you know I’ll always need you
despite my notorious independent streak.
This girl will love you more than all her books
that has made her into this geek.

My Fahri will love my parents as if they were his
and I will care for his parents like they were mine.
My Fahri reads widely, thinks deeply & prepares for the next Life
but never neglects me in his dua, like he is always in mine.

My Fahri & I will love for Allah
we’ll make a great tag team.
My Fahri is waiting for me,
just as I am waiting for him.

p/s- Thank you family and frens for your congratulatory wishes and emails. We are so indebted to all of you for making us surviving this 'hard' journey and Alhamdulillah hopefully it can end sooner. To all my friends who are as the same boat as mine, insyaAllah, all the waiting will be worthwhile... inna maal 'USRI YUSRAA... [So verily,with the HARDSHIP, there is RELIEF]

till then, wassalam

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am a true blogspot amateur!


It has been weeks since i wrote the last one.. and the challenge faced is.. I DONT KNOW HOW TO GET TO WRITE NEW POST!! Ish..ish..ish.. geram..geram..geram.. (gaya2 Ipin ajuk Upin cakap hehe). In the page, it shows the new post tad (which now i believe for readers only, kot) and i can edit my side layout there but where is the 'door' to get started writing?? no stress.. no stress... then, intelligently, i thought of studying the tutorial again and went to the blogspot home and guess what... TADAAA... here i am writing... ok ok now i know :)
Have a lot to tell but i dont think i want to back-date the entries... let it flows naturally...

Among entries which have missed the boat ( caused by my so called amateurity of blogging! bengong punye nadrah) are:

1) my very birthday - which i celebrated about 5 times hehe nasib baik age number doesnt rise each celebration
2) Family trip to Penang.. after so long
3) my bro and sis convocation - congratulations to both of you and thank you for everything
4) Aisyah's conjunctivitis... again
5) the very 1st Ramadhan Al-Mubarak - how this month has been longly waited by my poor soul

Now the real entry begins... welcoming AMIR FARUQ bin Khairul Anuar :)

Alhamdulillah, my sahabatii had delivered a beautiful baby boy. Putih melepak. Envy the name, another strong name for her baby boy. Teringat dulu memang kitorang nak namakan anak dengan nama-nama yg strong especially for boy. We ingat, of course these names will be rare especially for Malays, klasik names la katakan. Tapi tak sangka, rupa2 nya these names are becoming popular and taken away from my list. Is that a sign that the parents of our generation are more Islamic? or pursuing islamicity and baitul muslim? Wallahua'lam, mudah2an.
We always adore the Prophet's companions such as Abu Bakar, Umar Al-Khattab (taken, anak abg Muslim rasanya) aka Umar Faruq (also taken), Uthman Affan, 'Ali, Hamzah (taken), Talhah, Zaid Harithah and Amar. Plus, a few more names from zaman tabiin and Islam conquerors. Tapi orang tua2 tak keen of these names, 'berat' sangat untuk baby. Takut baby tak boleh 'bawa'. Dont ask me, i dont really understand myself. When i told my mom the choice of name that i would want to put for my son (dulu ingat Aisyah tuh boy), my mom terus reject heheh nasib baik keluar girl, belum pape lagi Aisyah has saved some dispute between her mummy and her mummy's mama hehehe.

Ok, so back to Sarah's story, banyak betul divertnya, Sarah has been complaining 'sakit2' here and there. Rasanya she suffered that almost 1 month before the delivery. This maybe due to the big and strong baby. Faruq was 3kg plus masa delivery and yet Sarah did normal birth without epidural! Tabik spring to you my friend! You survived it without Anuar at your side. Mmg sedih tapi masa sakit tuh mesti tak sempat nak sedih2 kot kan ;)
As much as this strong-willed baby Faruq wants to come out from her mother dark womb, he still well-planned his way out. Refusing 31st August as Merdeka baby, he waited the next day to have the special entrance together with As-syahrur Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. I am sure your birthday will be more remembered as 1st Ramadhan. Still can hear how your Ummi broke the news that Amir Faruq is safely delivered on 1st Ramadhan, alhamdulillah...
Aunty nad and other aunties cant wait to have a look at you. But give your mom some energy first. Sorry sarah, sebab tak gi ziarah lagi coz let everything settled first for you and Faruq and the rest of the family member... mesti rumah tuh menjadi lebih full-house dari biasa kan ;)
Teringat masa Sarah nak melahirkan Hamza. Kitorang sempat chat on the phone. Sarah called for some tips sambil menahan sakit nak deliver but still boleh gelak2. To make things worse, i cant help much of giving the tips pun becoz i dont have the experience of normal birth, sabar jer la. Masa tuh rasa lama jugak Sarah in labour, sehari suntuk. But with Faruq, alhamdulillah, lebih sekejap.. according to Sarah, masuk labour at 9am and deliver at 1pm. But the pain is unbearable, of course.
Orang tua2 kata, beranak anak lelaki ni lagi sakit daripada anak perempuan. Brp banyak ntah urat putus compared to deliver baby girl. Sebab apa tau, sebab baby boy nih mmg cepat je nk keluar dari perut, nampak pintu terus meluru gagah nak keluar. Baby girl ni dia takes time sikit sebab nak berkemas2 dulu, mekap2 sikit, jalan pun sopan santun nak keluar tu. Kelakar kan! Ini my grandma yang cakap.
OK la dah melalut pulak. Amir Faruq, tunggukan kedatangan kami!
Anyway, to all mothers, here is a song to remind us of our mothers...
Who should I give my love to?
My respect and my honor to
Who should I pay good mind to?
After AllahAnd Rasulullah
Comes your mother..Who next?
Your mother..Who next?
Your mother..
And then your father
Cause who used to hold you and clean you and clothes you
Who used to feed you?
And always be with you
When you were sick..stay up all night..holding you tight
That's right no other..Your mother (My mother)
Who should I take good care of?
Giving all my love
Who should I think most of?
After AllahAnd Rasulullah
Comes your motherWho next?
Your motherWho next? Your mother
And then your father
Cause who used to hear you before you could talk
Who used to hold you?Before you could walk
And when you fell who picked you up? clean your cut?
No one but your mother..My mother
Who should I stay rigt close to?
Listen most to...never say no to
After AllahAnd Rasulullah
Comes your motherWho next?
Your motherWho next? Your mother
And then your father
Cause who used to hug you and buy you new clothes
Comb your hair and blow your nose
And when you cry..
Who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears?
Who really cares?
My Mother
Say Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah
Thank you Allah For my mother.