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When Money Is God, child sacrifice can be a business

A BBC undercover reporter is told: "We can bury the child alive on your construction site"
The villages and farming communities that surround Uganda's capital, Kampala, are gripped by fear.
Schoolchildren are closely watched by teachers and parents as they make their way home from school. In playgrounds and on the roadside are posters warning of the danger of abduction by witch doctors for the purpose of child sacrifice.
The ritual, which some believe brings wealth and good health, was almost unheard of in the country until about three years ago, but it has re-emerged, seemingly alongside a boom in the country's economy.

'Sacrifice business'The mutilated bodies of children have been discovered at roadsides, the victims of an apparently growing belief in the power of human sacrifice.

Photograph of Stephen
Many believe that members of the country's new elite are paying witch doctors vast sums of money for the sacrifices in a bid to increase their wealth.
Stephen's decapitated body was found in a field

At the Kyampisi Childcare Ministries church, Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga is teaching local children a song called Heal Our Land, End Child Sacrifice.
To hear dozens of young voices singing such shocking words epitomises how ritual murder has become part of everyday life here.
"Child sacrifice has risen because people have become lovers of money. They want to get richer," the pastor says.
"They have a belief that when you sacrifice a child you get wealth, and there are people who are willing to buy these children for a price. So they have become a commodity of exchange, child sacrifice has become a commercial business."
The pastor and his parishioners are lobbying the government to regulate witch doctors and improve police resources to investigate these crimes.

According to official police figures, there was one case of child sacrifice in 2006; in 2008 the police say they investigated 25 alleged ritual murders, and in 2009, another 29.
The Anti-Human Sacrifice Police Task Force, launched in response to the growing numbers, says the ritual murder rate has slowed, citing a figure of 38 cases since 2006.
Pastor Sewakiryanga disputes the police numbers, and says there are more victims from his parish than official statistics for the entire country.
The work of the police task force has been strongly criticised by the UK-based charity, Jubilee Campaign.
It says in a report that the true number of cases is in the hundreds, and claims more than 900 cases have yet to be investigated by the police because of corruption and a lack of resources.
'Quiet money'

Allan with his father
Allan was left for dead after a vicious attack
Tepenensi led me to a field near her home where she found the body of her six-year-old grandson Stephen, dumped in the reeds. She trembled as she pointed out the spot where she found his decapitated body; he had been missing for 24 hours.
Clutching the only photo she has of her grandson, Tepenensi sobbed as she explained that although the local witch doctor had admitted to sacrificing Stephen, the police were reluctant to pursue the case.
"They offered me money to keep quiet," she says. "I refused the offer."
No-one from the Ugandan government agreed to do an interview. The police deny inaction and corruption.
The head of the Anti-Human Sacrifice Police Task Force, Commissioner Bignoa Moses, says the police are doing all they can to tackle the problem.
"Sometimes, they accuse us of these things because we make no arrests, but we are limited. If we get information that someone is involved in criminal activities like human sacrifice, we shall go and investigate, and if it can be proven we will take him to court, but sometimes the cases are not proven."
Boy castrated
At Kampala main hospital, consultant neurosurgeon Michael Muhumuza shows me the X-rays of the horrific injuries suffered by nine-year-old Allan.
They reveal missing bone from his skull and damage to a part of his brain after a machete sliced through Allan's head and neck in an attempt to behead him; he was castrated by the witch doctor. It was a month before Allan woke from a coma after being dumped near his village home.
Allan was able to identify his attackers, including a man called Awali. But the police say Allan's eyewitness account is unreliable.

For our own inquiries, we posed as local businessmen and asked around for a witch doctor that could bring prosperity to our local construction company. We were soon introduced to Awali. He led us into a courtyard behind his home, and as if to welcome us he and his helpers wrestled a goat to the ground and slit its throat.Local people told us that Awali continues to be involved with child sacrifice.

A child with a scarred arm
"This animal has been sacrificed to bring luck to us all," Awali explained. He then demanded a fee of $390 (£250) for the ritual and asked us to return in a few days.
Some children are cut to collect blood for rituals

At our next meeting, Awali invited us into his shrine, which is traditionally built from mud bricks with a straw roof. Inside, the floor is littered with herbs, face masks, rattles and a machete.
The witch doctor explained that this meeting was to discuss the most powerful spell - the sacrifice of a child.
"There are two ways of doing this," he said. "We can bury the child alive on your construction site, or we cut them in different places and put their blood in a bottle of spiritual medicine."
Awali grabbed his throat. "If it's a male, the whole head is cut off and his genitals. We will dig a hole at your construction site, and also bury the feet and the hands and put them all together in the hole."
We handed our notes to the police. Awali is still a free man.Awali boasted he had sacrificed children many times before and knew what he was doing. After this meeting, we withdrew from the negotiations.
'No voice'
Allan's father, Semwanga, has sold his home to pay for Allan's medical treatment, and moved to the slums near the capital.
Sitting on the steps of their makeshift house, built from corrugated sheets of metal, I showed the footage of our meeting with the witch doctor to Allan on my laptop. He pointed to the screen and shouted "Awali!" confirming he is the man who attacked him.
Pastor Sewakiryanga says without the full force of the law, there is little that can be done to protect Uganda's children from the belief in the power of human sacrifice.
"The children do not have voices, their voices have been silenced by the law and the police not acting, and the people who read the newspapers do nothing, so we have to make a stand and do whatever it takes to stamp out this evil, we can only pray that the government will listen."

SeriPagi: Thanks Sarah for the article

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Ya, title di atas juga merupaka pengumuman bahawa email address tersebut telah pun direhatkat buat selamanya. Usia email address tu ada dalam lebih 10 tahu paling kurang. Dia direhatkan atas sebab semenjak 2 menjak 3 menjak nie, telah menjadi tenat. Selama ni mmg sakit pun sebab banyak sangat spam yang masuk, lepas tu lama gila pulak nak load email dan yang terkini dah mula memandai-mandai hantar email tanpa disuruh. Jadi sebelum tenat nya ter'upgrade' menjadi sewel, saya dengan rasminya rehat kan dia hampir pukul 9.30pagi tadi.

When I put her at rest, my heart shattered.. i ignored and went to the meeting at 9.30 am. After a while, i know i dont feel at ease. Something is bothering me. Everything and everybody becomes dull. The room and the screen become gloomy. And i know its not about work.. its the thing that i just put R.I.P

So, i hope by writing it here i'd be able to let it go huhuhu a bit over re-acting isnt.??

there are reasons why i this email add is special and why i kept it for so long, even when it started to collect rubbish mails much more than the good ones.

Firstly, the name NADURAH. its created and given by him, a special friend of mine, arwah ASYDI. He used to tease my name and call me nadur or nadurah. He used to say that my name is actually hard to pronounce when i told him that i like it when people call me by my full name since my name is already too little by the alphabet. Plus, people always make fun of my short name 'nad' to whatever 'nut' they can think of :( . then, it came to creating this email, since those time i was too immature and 'blank' when 'nadrah' is already in use, he suggested to put nadurah. hence, was borned. :)

Secondly, needless to say that the email witnessed my growth, sun and rain, ups and downs, naivety to maturity and loyally kept my history. And now i even put her as HISTORY..this also bid farewell to my YM ID and  yahoogroups..

With that.. R.I.P you will be in my memory, always (wahhh, lebey dah nih!)

Tak Pernah Ucapkan Selamat Tinggal

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beautiful Phrase


credit: dakwahcircle

Often enough we adore beautiful people
Often enough we lose to beautiful things
Often enough we are fooled by beautiful girls
Often enough we yearned for compliments for beautiful material that we have
Often enough we forgot to think 
Are there GOODNESS in each of the BEAUTIFUL things

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pasca Warkah Buat Babah

Babah sent me an SMS once he read the post:
"It's so sweet.. Tq n luv u very much"

Obviously not only me, my children also LOVE you loads too!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Warkah Buat Babah

Warkah ini kutitip buat Babah
Lelaki yang pertama hadir dalam hidupku
Bersama kasih dan cinta
Bersedia menggalas Nad sebagai tanggungjawab dan amanah Rabbul A’la

Babah yang kusangka kukenal dirinya
Yang sepanjang hidupku sentiasa memastikan
Keberadaannya buatku
Di waktu jatuh dan tangisku

Babah yang kupernah lihat
Setiap riak wajahnya
Ketika lena dan bangun
Cakapnya tidak banyak kecuali
Lawak yang memecah tawa membawa ceria keluarga
Sangat jarang marahnya kecuali
Hal-hal yang berkaitan agama

Tidak pernah memukul kecuali
Rotan yang berupa surat khabar, tali pinggang atau penyangkut baju
Yang mula singgah saat bermula usia 10 tahun
Di penghujung hari-hari bila ditanya
Statistik solat yang tidak cukup lima
Nad masih ingat, Babah akan beri bertanya
Di mana rotan patut mendarat
Di punggung, kaki atau tapak tangan
Nad juga telah pernah merasa daratan rotan di semua tempat itu
Sakitnya memang lain perisa
Tapi untuk tidak dirotan menjadi pilihan utama (sebab sakit oii..)

Beratnya Babah memang kepada solat
Tidur awal atau lewat
Waktu Subuh tetap dikejut hanya sekali
Diberi hanya beberapa ketika untuk bangkit
Jika tak bangkit, basahlah bantal kuyuplah muka (percik-percik ni tak main la huhu)
Nak melawan memang tak berani
Pernah juga membentak sesekali
Katanya ‘biar basah di dunia, tak hangit dibakar neraka’

Babah yang kusangka kukenal
Sangat pandai memujuk
Jarang sekali dapat keluar bersama rakan taulan
Bermalam di rumah nenek yang kami lepak hari-hari pun payah
Katanya ‘nanti Babah rindu anak-anak Babah tak ada di rumah’ atau
‘nanti Babah tak boleh tidur kalau anak-anak tak ada di rumah. Nad tak kesiankan Babah ke?’
Kedengaran memang mengada-ngada sekarang
Tapi waktu kecil dahulu, memang terpujuk habis 

Babah yang kusangka kukenal
Jarang sekali meminta sesuatu kecuali
Satu mug Nescafe selepas makan malam
Dia akan meminta sama ada dari mama, Seera atau diriku sendiri
Katanya Nescafe kami ada istimewa sendiri
Walaupun kami tahu itu hanyalah trick untuk mendapatkan Nescafe
Nad dan adikku akan tetap membancuh dengan gaya yang tersendiri

Babah yang kusangka kukenal
Memang sangat relax dan sporting hampir dalam seluruh hal
Dia tidak kisah jika tidak mendapat nombor satu di dalam kelas
Dia juga tidak kisah jika anak-anak jiran lebih berjaya daripada anak-anaknya
Pesannya ‘berlumba bukan dengan orang, berlumba dengan diri sendiri’

Pernah ketika sekolah rendah
Pelajaranku di sekolah agama terus merosot dan merosot kerana aku tidak minat
Bermula lah episod Babah datang ke sekolah di awal-awal penggal
Memastikan ustazah memindahkan tempat dudukku ke paling hadapan sekali
Supaya Nad tidak dapat tidak, mesti menumpu perhatian
(maklumlah, ustazah dan guru Zaman dulu garang-garang!)

Babah yang kusangka kukenal
Adalah seorang yang sangat protective
Berhantar berjemput setiap hari
Dari Zaman sekolah sampai universiti (eh, ke sekarang pun sama? ;))
‘Anak manja’ dan ‘anak abah’ menjadi jolokan diri
Kawalan ketika remaja apatah lagi
Gagang telefon jarang dilepas
Terutamanya jika si pemanggil berjantina lelaki
Siap lah Nad ditanya bertubi-tubi

Babah yang kusangka kukenal memang tidak ekspresif
Seingat Nad, apabila baligh sahaja dia sudah tidak suka jika pipinya diciumi
Tapi Nad cium juga pipi dan dahi pada hari raya
Walau nanti Babah tunjuk muka kegelian

Sehingga kini susah nak ingat bila dibilang sayang
Sampai sekarang rasa susah nak ingat bila dipeluk kali terakhir
Ketika Nad mendapat kejayaan dalam peperiksaan besar
Ketika Nad memanjat pentas mengambil hadiah
Nad hanya dapat melihat senyuman puas Babah
Itu pun sudah cukup membuat Nad merasa cukup disayangi
Tika Nad menulis ini pun Nad hanya ingat 3 buah ciuman yang Babah beri
Itu pun yang tak disangka-sangka yang membuatkan momen itu istimewa
Mungkin Babah juga telah lupa
Babah cium pipi ketika di hari konvokesyen ketika Nad keluar dari dewan
Babah cium pipi ketika Nad usai diijabkabulkan oleh dirinya sendiri
Babah cium pipi ketika Nad ditolak ke bilik operasi untuk pembedahan major pertama.. melahirkan
Bah, itu memang ciuman ikhlas yang masih dapat Nad ingat sampai sekarang

Tetapi, sungguhpun Nad sangka Nad telah kenal seorang Babah
Sungguhpun Nad sangka banyak yang Nad ingat tentang Babah
Itu hanyalah suratan yang terzahir di mata kecil ini
Ada banyak lagi yang Nad tidak kenal, tidak lihat, tidak rasa atau terus lupa tentang Babah

Nad tak dapat ingat suara iqamat pertama yang kau bisikkan ke telinga ini
Yang mungkin hanya sebesar ibu jarimu ketika itu
Nad tak dapat ingat waktu-waktu berada dalam dakapan tangan sasa Babah ketika kecil
Nad tak dapat ingat tika bila Babah pimpin tangan waktu melintas jalan
Nad tak dapat ingat yang Babah selalu mendukung Nad bila tertidur dalam kereta
Nad tak dapat ingat bila Babah jaga Nad waktu Mama sarat dengan adik-adik yang lain
Nad tak dapat ingat bila Babah memimpin tangan ketika Nad belajar bertatih
Nad tak dapat ingat bila Babah sangat memanjakan Nad ketika kecil

Terlalu banyak yang Nad tak tahu tentang Babah sebenarnya
Terlalu banyak yang Nad sudah lupa tentang Babah
Rasanya jika dapat diulang tayang, ingin dilihat dan didengar semula
segala perkataan, perbuatan dan belai ihsan 
Terlalu banyak yang Nad masih tak kenal Babah rupanya
Bertuahlah jika ada seorang anak yang sangat mengenali bapanya
Nad harap masih ada waktu
Untuk kutitipkan betapa kasihnya Nad pada Babah
Walaupun sebenarnya tidak dapat menandingi kasih Babah kepada diriku

Hanya satu yang berhak bagimu Babah
Seperti yang pernah Babah ajarkan
Tiada tandingan selain nikmat yang satu itu
Yang selalu kupanjatkan kepada Tuhan
Agar dihimpunkan kita semua di Jannatul Firdausi
Sebagai satu keluarga

Selamat Hari Bapa, Babah! :) 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Antara ayat-ayat Allah Makkiyah dan Madaniyyah..di mana kita??


Secara literal, kita selalu ingat ayat Makkiyyah adalah ayat-ayat yang diturunkan di Mekah, ayat Madaniyyah adalah ayat-ayat yang diturunkan di Madinah.

Tett... SALAH!

Kata ustaz ayat-ayat Allah Makkiyyah adalah ayat-ayat Allah yang diturunkan sebelum Rasulullah berhijrah ke Madinah. Ayat-ayat Makkiyyah banyak berkisarkan penguatan aqidah kepada Allah SWT.

Ayat-ayat Madaniyyah pula adalah ayat-ayat Allah yang diturunkan selepas hijrah Rasulullah ke Madinah. Ayat-ayat Madaniyyah ada juga yang berkisarkan syariat Islam dan muamalah. 

Antara ayat Makkiyyah dan Madaniyyah, kita di mana? 

Ustaz kata, kita tidak berada di antara mana-mana ayat ini kecuali sangat sedikit. Maksudnya, kes aqidah pun tak settle, kes syariah muamalah masih fail.

Betullah vision nabi lebih 1400 tahun yang lampau, umat islam di akhir zaman adalah sangat ramai tetapi hanya umpama buih-buih di lautan;

“Setelah aku wafat,setelah lama aku tinggalkan, umat Islam akan lemah. Di atas kelemahan itu orang kafir akan menindas mereka bagai orang yang menghadapi piring dan mengajak orang lain makan bersama.”
Maka para sahabat r.a. bertanya,
 ”Apakah ketika itu umat Islam telah lemah dan musuh sangat kuat?” Sabda Baginda SAW: “Bahkan masa itu mereka lebih ramai tetapi tidak berguna, tidak bererti dan tidak menakutkan musuh. Mereka adalah ibarat buih di laut.
Sahabat bertanya lagi,
“Mengapa seramai itu tetapi seperti buih di laut?” Jawab Rasulullah SAW, “Kerana dua penyakit, iaitu mereka ditimpa penyakit al-Wahn.“
Sahabat bertanya lagi,
“Apakah itu al-Wahn?” Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Cintakan dunia dan takut akan kematian.”

~Buih di laut, wujudnya cuma sedetik cuma. Hilang dijentik angin, terhempas ke pasir atau hilang dengan sendiri tanpa disedari~

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nak duduk dalam kubur freehold ke leasehold?

Di suatu tengahari, selepas kuliah daripada Ust Husni (Zakat)

Seripagi :  Laa saya baru tahu yang orang kata kubur tu tanah 'leasehold' tu maksudnye apa..
Pakcik : Hmm selama nie kamu ingat macam mana?
Seripagi : Selama nie saya ingat memang la semua tanah tu 'leasehold' sebab semua yang ada di dunia  ni kan                
pinjaman Allah jee..

Pakcik : Habis tu sekarang yang kamu faham macam mana?
Seripagi : Tadi ustaz cakap, 'leasehold' tu maksudnya, setiap kubur boleh digali semula untuk 'top-up' dengan jasad lain kalau dah tak ade tanah kubur. Itu sebabnye tak boleh ada binaan atas kubur, nanti nak top-up susah.

Pakcik: Tapi ade juga yang dapat tanah kubur freehold. Awak nak satu?
Seripagi : Haa? ade ke? Cemana?

Pakcik : Kenalah jadi VIP.. kalau VIP kubur tu untuk dia je, nak tanam orang lain tak boleh dah..
Seripagi : ohhh nak kena jadi VIP la pulak

Pakcik : Awak pun boleh jadi VIP!
Seripagi : Saya? Nak jugak.. mcm mana?

Pakcik : Matilah syahid atau hafaz lah Al-Quran. Jasadnya tak hancur dek bumi. Jadilah dapat lah kubur freehold sebab tak boleh nak top-up!
Seripagi : Saya setuju!! :)

Kematian - Suatu Yang Pasti
Kematian – Suatu Yang Pasti

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...antara frasa-frasa yang mengetuk akal dangkalku...

...mengemis kasih-Nya... Allah satisfied?...
...selimut sutera kasih sayang-Nya...
...kerberkatan rumahtangga...
...anak-anak penyejuk mata...
...syafaat Rasul-Nya...
...rezeki halalan & toyyiban...
...isteri penajam fikiran...

setiap ketukan akan terus membuai aku menerawang ke alam fikir-zikir ku sendiri. cuba untuk membuka simpulan-simpulan rahsia frasa-frasa tersebut. definisinya, teorinya, amalinya, hasilnya, impaknya.. tapi selalu-selalunya aku GAGAL untuk menerobos pintu-pintu sirr (rahsia) itu.

ya Allah, hadiahilah kami HIDAYAHMU yang berterusan. Pudarkan dunia fana' ini, perjelaskan dunia baqa', supaya tidak kami tergolong dalam orang-orang yang meminta peluang kedua hidup di dunia selepas dicabutkan nyawa

Thursday, February 17, 2011

QANA'AH : Just Enjoy the Coffee..

Sifat Qana'ah Dari Abu Hurairah r.a katanya:”Nabi saw. bersabda yang maksudnya:
”Lihatlah kepada orang yang lebih rendah daripadamu dan jangan melihat kepada orang yang lebih tinggi. Itulah tembok yang kukuh supaya kamu tidak menghina pemberian Allah kepadamu.” (Bukhari)

Story of the mugs

Coffee Mug Clip Art
A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.

Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups  made of:
Porcelain, Plastic, Glass, Crystal, Some ordinary looking, Some expensive, Some exquisite
He told them to help themselves to hot coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee in their hands, the professor said:
"If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap looking ones. While it is but normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress.
What all of you really wanted was coffee, NOT the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups and worse, you were eyeing each other's cups.

Now if  life is coffee , then the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life, but the quality of Life doesn't change. Some times, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee in it."

So folks, don't let the cups drive you...  enjoy the coffee instead. 

~Islam is the BEST Way of Life~

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcoming 2011

Assalamualaikum dear readers..

Here we are in 2011. 
A new year for new resolution
A new year for a new life routine
A new year for attitude overhaul
A new year for a new dream
A new year for a new hope
A new year for a new start
A new year for a better change
A new year for a  true love search
A new year for a new baby
A new year for soul-mate searching
A new year for meaningful journey with soul-mate
A new year with the lovely children to reach soleh/solehah
A new year with good friendship
A new year for the age increase
A new year for further soul searching
A new year for a new life
A new year to turn life anew
A new year closer to end of life
A new year closer to our loved ones in memories
A new year for a better me

Happy New Year All
Whatever this new year means to you
I wish you a very happy new year with lots of Allah blessings
Special note for you dear 2010
may you rest in peace
you have been such a wonderful friend
Thank you and..